Thursday, June 12, 2008

Two Thursday Links

I've been doing a bit more short reading lately, e.g. blog posts, short articles, etc. It's a fun and interesting way for me to find out if I'm doing things in the most efficient way there is. A lot of improvement ideas pops up from the activity. But yes, I have to make sure I read from the right sources.

Here's 2 posts @ Dumb Little Man that I highly recommend:
* For people who have lots of emotional clutter, check out 7 Ways to Eliminate Emotional Clutter.
"Our emotional clutter absconds the life purpose, depriving us from connecting with our inner self. The deftness lies in building awareness to confront elements of emotional clutter and sort out what is important and what goes into the trash."
1. Eliminate physical clutter
2. Letting go of worries
3. (Fix) Low self-image
4. (Stop) Going to bed with unfinished business
5. Conserve energy
6. Eating too much
7. (Fix) Difficult relationship
It's quite an interesting mix of steps, but when you read through it (the Healing Actions are especially useful to know), you'll understand how they all work together in de-cluttering our emotional life.
For me personally, I think I'm doing quite good with step number 4 and 5. Number 7 is not applicable. I am currently consciously working on number 1 and 6. Once those are handled, I'll need to start working on number 2 and 3.

* And for people with financial torment, check out Seven Spending Sins: Fast Track to Financial Torment.
"The (original) Seven Deadly Sins focused on spiritual matters, but our Seven Spending Sins are more about material consequences. Avoid them and you'll be better off in this world; if you end up being a better person as well, think of it as an added bonus."
1. Greed: Do you really need it?
2. Impatience: Do you need it now?
3. Pride: 'Keeping up with the Joneses' syndrome.
4. Laziness: Take the time; put in the effort.
5. Misplaced respect: Careful who you listen to.
6. Gullibility: Be a man!
7. Miscalculation: Do the math.
I personally think I'm doing quite well financially. I have always spend well within my range. I could perhaps work more in my Laziness and Gullibility department... :)

Have a nice day!

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