Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mothers' Day vs Father's Day

The post that Tara Whitney wrote yesterday, a day for him, which I have shared on my Google Reader Shared web page, got me panicked for a little while. Oops - did I forgot to organize the important Father's Day wishes call? @.@

Luckily - I didn't. Fiuh..
Mmm.. well actually - you can either say I did or didn't, depending on where you are.

According to Wikipedia, both Mothers' Day and Father's Day* fall on different dates all around the world. The confusing thing is that Australia Mothers' Day falls on the same day as to most other countries (i.e. Second Sunday of May); but has a different Father's Day to the rest of the countries (i.e. First Sunday of September) - sharing it only with New Zealand-ers.
* Brief explanation on the spelling:
"Although normal English punctuation guidelines indicate that the holiday should be spelled "Fathers' Day" (as it is a plural possessive), common usage dictates that the ostensibly singular possessive "Father's Day" is the preferred spelling."
-- Taken from Wikipedia

Indonesian only celebrates Mother's Day, yup - also on a different date (i.e. 22nd December). Grrr - what should I do??? I really don't want to hurt my parents' feelings by not wishing them the "Happy Father's/Mothers' Day" when all their friends are getting the wishes. Just to complicate things more, my parents watch Taiwanese TV shows (through the Satellite) - which has the same Mother's Day as Australia, but a different Father's Day (8th August), which means that they will be exposed to that too!!!! Haiyaaaaaaaaaa!!!

For now, I've decided since I missed out on the communal Father's Day (i.e. Third Sunday of June); I'm just going to follow the Australian Father's Day for giving the proper present day plus "Happy Father's/Mothers' Day" for the Indonesian Mother's Day and Taiwanese Father's Day. Sounds fair.

*Sigh* You would expect the world would have one singular global Father's Day and Mothers' Day instead of confusing people who might be located in different countries! :P Oh well!

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