Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shopping Shopping Shopping

I've been waiting eagerly for the time when I can go shopping for the past month or so! Most of my clothes don't fit the way I'd like them to and I've been eye-ing lots of different things lately. Plus, it's stocktake sale time! *Yippee!*

So what am I going to shop for?

Well - I bought a very nice long red (with a very little hint of orange) V-neck Sweater; which I'm not sure what I'd wear it with as yet. I'm thinking thick black stockings with heels or boots. What colour boots? Black seems bland but I'm not sure what other colour would do. It'd be nice to be able to pull of something like this...
-- Taken from youlookfab » Blog Archive » Four ways to wear bright shoes

But even without trying; I know that if I wear those things I'll end up looking like a clown! :P Anyway - I'd really like to find the right things that will go with this pretty red sweater.

Next, work pants. I need a really nice fitting and durable sleek black pants in my wardrobe. It needs to go with everything!

Then, a new pencil skirt. My favorite pencil skirt that used to make me feel all grown up and professional looking no longer fits me the way it used to! Ick. So - I'll have to find a replacement for it.

I'm considering about wide legged pants...
-- Taken from youlookfab » Blog Archive » Wary of wide-legged pants

But still not very sure about it. Will see how it goes when I try them on.

I will also need a light grey sweater vest to wear over work shirts, a nice fitting black cardigan (which I haven't got around to replace since I donated my comfy old Guess black cardigan) and a sleek formal looking dark boot cut jeans (Something like the one the lady in yellow top wears in the first picture would be nice). A few new tops would be nice too. Maybe a new black long coat (but this can wait...). A nice bright red jacket would be nice too. Yup - the list continue to grow and grow and grow.

Thankfully - last nite when I clean up my wardrobe (again - for the hundredth time), I can finally say that I have memory of wearing every one of the clothes in my wardrobe at least once in the past year (Trying it out at home counts!). They are looking pretty neat nowadays - not so overly cluttered anymore. The casual clothes wardrobe which I share with my sister is another story though.

Mmm.. I wonder how much all those shopping are going to cost me... Bleh! Not a pretty thought. At least I have a stack of nice clothing (some of them brand new with tag) which I'd like to sell. Now, if only I can find out what is the best way to sell them?


Anonymous said...

You shoudl sell them on Ebay..
take some pretty pictures and then voila...youll find some buyers :D

piyo-chan said...

thanks :)
but i find (from past experiences) ebay doesn't work very well for clothing...