Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Bunch of Places Around Melbourne That I Want to Visit

My dad got me hooked on to traveling since I was a kiddie. He arranged to take us for yearly family trips to ...
- XXXX China (Beijing, Xia Men, Gui Lin, Hong Kong, Guang Zhou);
- XXXX Bali;
- 1998/1999: Australia & New Zealand (Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Queenstown and Christchurch);
- 1999/2000: United States (San Diego, Anaheim, LA, SF, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon);
- 2000/2001: Europe (England, Netherlands, Switzerland, Romania, France, Germany);
- 2001/2002: South Africa & Mauritius (Cape Town, Sun City, Johannesburg, Mauritius);
- 2002/2003: Australia (Sydney, Gold Coast);
- 2005/2006: Japan (Kyoto, Osaka, Mt Fuji, Tokyo).
Sorry, I didn't mean to list them all out, this is just to test my memory and remind myself to be grateful to have such loving parents!

I love the feeling of just being there, enjoying the surrounding, with no expectation from anyone; the stepping out of the routine feeling; the not having to plan (or think... :P); seeing and experiencing new things; the not giving a d*mn what people think; the peacefulness of being un-contact-able :P...

Now, I've found an even stronger motivation... Photography!

Last weekend, a couple friends of mine came down from Sydney, Nicko & Tasha. Nicko brought along this big and heavy SLR to our catch ups in Pancake Parlour. When I saw some of his pictures (which are now published on to his Facebook Photo Albums), I remember thinking, "Wow - where is that?" and yet, they're all taken around Melbourne!

Oh - how much fun would it be to be wondering around taking these pictures. Especially in a place as attractive as Melbourne. So here I am - putting together yet another list - this time it's for the places I want to visit around Melbourne (to take pictures or just to try it out) when I have the time...
* Brighton Beach Houses!
* Tuki Trout Farm [website]
* Daylesford [website]
* The Age Harvest Picnic At Werribee Park [website] - 30th November 2008
* The Age Harvest Picnic at Hanging Rock [website] - 22 February 2009
* Werribee Open Range Zoo [website] + I would like to take more pictures of the Werribee Mansion & the Rose Garden.. :P
* Mitchelton Winery [website]
* Peninsula Hot Springs [website]
* Dandenong Ranges (Puffing Billy...) [Visit Victoria link]
* Murray River [website]
* and one day... Sky Dive @ Lake Nagambie [website]

Here's some places I've been too and would like to visit again...
* Wilson's Prom [website] - I can never seem to get enough of this versatile and scenic place!
Pssst... I was told that there is this very cosy place with awesome view - highly recommended for a romantic weekend getaway... Coastal View Cabins, Yanakie, Wilsons Promontory, Victoria, Australia
* Grampians [website] - It seems like people recommend this place a lot more than I enjoyed it - so there must be something I'm missing - hmmmm...
Psst here too! I was advised to try Dulc holiday cabins the next time I visit Grampians. The TREE HOUSE definitely looks Super Cool! Not cheap though...
* Sorrento [website] - "Just Fine Foods" Vanilla Slice, enough said, photos here!
* Great Ocean Road [website] - The walks, the waterfalls, the drive and the view... What's there not to like?

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