Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hello, October! [Take 2...]

G'morning October...

I'm putting all the bad thoughts and feelings behind. It's all in the past. Today is a brand new day. It's the 2nd of October. I'm starting the day with a bright new happy face and excitement!

I am happy... I am happy... I am very happy! *LOL*
(OK - That might come across a little crazy.)

Anyway - I'm grand! I'm going to change the things that I don't like where I can and for those I can't change, I'll stop worrying about them. Because worrying about them won't do me any good (read See How Easily You Can Overcome Your Worries at Ririan Project)! That's the best way to live! :)

I've spend too much time thinking, planning, organizing, worrying, and it's not good!!! I'm going to stick with doing and living! Yay!! I want to take even more photos, cook and bake even more, and try to get absorbed more into work. Stop agonizing about future uncontrolled things.

And, you know what? I've got quite a few holidays lined up in front of me... Sydney, US, Indonesia! I can't believe I'll be in New York City in December with Shanon!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! La la la la....

At the same time, I won't wait till the holiday arrive to live my life to the fullest. I'm going to start now. No more putting things on hold. It's back on the 4th gear (5th might be a bit much to handle and to fast to enjoy). :P

I'm back. My eyes are opened wide and my brain is functioning well. What a relief!

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