Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Plan to Try: Dolls at the Mount [Heidelberg]

So far, having read as much as I can dig around (not much) about this place (see below links), I'm very keen on planning a visit!

Perhaps with my sister and/or with Lia, Agnes, Jennifer, etc; sometimes during the next weekend... (It's gladly located near the train station, so it shouldn't be too difficult to arrange a visit!)

- Mietta's Australian Restaurants, Food & Wine - Dolls At The Mount Tea House, Northern Melbourne
- Missy Allets: Dolls on the Mount [20080828]
- Missy Allets: Princesses at the Mount [20080924]
- P O N I K U T A: Dolls On the Mount [20080902]
- P O N I K U T A: We Declare our Eternal love for Scones [20080915]
- Best Devonshire Scones in Melbourne - Thrifter
- The Kitchen Playground » Blog Archive » Dolls at the Mount

The 2 blogged visits in less than a month time by Missy Allets (and the scrumptious looking scones pictured in the posts) definitely got me convinced that it is worth the 1-hour train ride!


Missy Allets said...

Thanks for visiting the Missy. And yes, the journey is totally worth it. Go on an empty stomach and very high expectations ;)

Do pass on regards to Vivienne when you do go :)

piyo-chan said...

Thanks Missy :)
I'll be sure to post some pictures in turn... and will send regards to Vivienne! :)