Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Wow! 26 days to go to the wedding day!

Time has definitely zoomed by! There are still a few things to sort out but the day is looking bright and shiny from here. :)

I went shopping during the weekend. I swiped $130.00 on my credit card for 3 pretty new tops and a pair of shorts. It still wasn't enough. So I went shopping again today at lunch time and bought 2 new basics tops, another pair of shorts and a long cardigan for a mere $25.00! [Psst.. If you're a budget clothing type of girl from Melbourne; go and check out Glassons in Spencer St DFO! They're having buy 1 get 1 free on ALL SALE items! It's crazy!!! So if a top is priced at $15.00 (on sale) you can get another item of the same price or less for free!!! CRAZY DEAL!]

These new items will get me all set for the Sydney trip this coming weekend. So excited about it! Should be awesome going with my recently-gotten-so-much-lovelier sister (:P) and one of my dearest pal, Lia! It's been a while! :)

By the time I come back from Sydney, it will be a mere 16 days till my parents arrive in Melbourne for the wedding. Followed by my 4 gorgeous bridesmaids who I love so much 2 days after that!
Gosh! It's all happening. Tick tock tick tock tick tock!
*Giggles* Hihihi... I hope I won't go crazy from this the excitement and nervousness! Especially cause I need my brain to function properly so that I can sort out the final details properly. :)

La la la la!

By the way - can somebody please do something about the USD? Pretty please. Get it back down! Or, just get the AUD to go back up! Somehow! Please! :P


Anonymous said...

my recently-gotten-so-much-lovelier sister ---> I've heard that your sister is always lovely!!! and pretty of course!!!

piyo-chan said...

gotten-so-much-lovelier doesn't mean that she wasn't lovely in the first place... :P