Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Why Do I Blog?

This question was bluntly presented to me recently, and the answer is... I have no idea why.

Hmm.. I guess there is a combination of things that started me on blogging and keep me going.

I enjoy practising my writing skills. I like to share the things that I've learned. It's a good way to keep far-away friend informed on what I'm up to. Plus, it is very useful as a reference tool for myself, as my memory often fails me. I also used it as a tool to reflect and review my personal growth (by looking it what I wrote X month ago..)

It is a really good question though, cause it definitely got me thinking... What am I trying to achieve with my blog?

That's when the familiar thought bubble up again... I should declutter it, and try to be more specific with the direction of the blog instead of just dumping all my scattered thoughts and findings in it.

Then again, that particular thought has quite often come and go within me... But for some reason, the action has not been taken yet. Well, I guess now that the question has provided me a little extra motivation to begin the decluttering, I should start to do something...

Will try to keep posting updates on this.

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