Friday, October 10, 2008

Plan Your Holiday Online!

I recently utilise the Internet to the max for planning my honeymoon trip to the States. Thought I should properly document some of the awesome links for future reference.

First, I visit Trip Advisor to work out the activities that I'd like to do at the destination; then read up on Hotels recommendations, reviews and work out their locations!

I've also used the following sites when I want to find out even more about the destination and things to do and places to visit there:
* Google Maps & Google
* Frommer's Travel Guide
* Fodors Travel Guide
* Lonely Planet
* Wiki Travel
* Wikipedia
* All Experts Travel || All Experts Cities/Towns
* Travel Buddies
* MSN Travel
* Real Travel
* Travel Channel

Package/Day Tour...
* Viator

Then, to find the best rate for the accommodation... Try the following sites:
* Hotels Combined
* Hotel Price Bot
* Kayak
* Skoosh
* ||
* ||
* Splendia
* Travelocity
* Venere
* Travel Buddies Hotels
* Quik Book
* HotWire
* Side Step
* Only for when your travel date is coming up soon... Wotif || Last Minute Au

Plus, here's some randomly useful articles:
* How To Choose A Hotel & Save Money - MSN Travel Articles
* Budget Airlines of the United States - ExtremeTourist Magazine
* Money-Saving Tips for Your San Francisco Visit


NYC & Company’s website, , is a useful research tool. As for guidebooks, Time Out ( ), Lonely Planet ( ), Rough Guides ( and Eyewitness Guides ( all offer good, solid New York titles. The style-conscious might be better off with the Luxe guide ( ) or the Hedonist’s Guide ( ).

Once you’re in the Big Apple, pick up a copy of Time Out’s weekly listings magazine ( ) or City Guide ( ).


antoinegrillon said...

Interesting article with useful links such as tripadvisor or lonely planet (personnally one of my favourites) but finally, what website did you choose and why compared to the other ones?

piyo-chan said...

Thanks very much for the suggestion. Will try and add extra information to improve this article.. :)