Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vue de Monde (updated)

After reading the Steph's Food Journey: Vue de Monde, Little Collins St, Melbourne [August 18, 2006] post, I emailed Vue de Monde to get the names of the food that we were served during our visit.

They've replied with full outline of the courses and the wine that Shanon had! It reminds me how speechlessly impressed I was of the food and the service.

I've updated my post, "a chatterbox's pensieve: Vue de Monde: The Love Affair, with pretty names for those spectacularly scrumptious dishes. Calling them food feels unfair and very degrading. Because they are definitely NOT just food. They were.... mmmmm.. heavenly! *I'm practically drooling when I looked at the pictures again*

Oh - what are they called anyway? Surely there is a better word for that heavenly thing than food! :P

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