Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Health (Read: Weight) Doctor's Prescription

Just what I need at the moment...
* The 60-Second Guide to Healthy Living | Dumb Little Man
* 5 Reasons to Write Down Everything You Eat For a Week | Dumb Little Man

I have done very well to get this close to my goal, but now I find myself floating around being close to the goal but not reaching it. I simply do not feel motivated enough to discipline myself to get there.

I'm relaxing my rules quite a bit (maybe too much) these days. I've been accepting cakes and chocolate offer at work! Today, a colleague (who normally say yes to chocolate when I say no) declined my chocolate offer! It hits me! Where did my discipline go? What's going on with me? Why am I eating this crappy chocolate (it's not even the nice one!)? Good thing I still have the conscience to keep writing my calorie journal. Though I have to admit, I definitely have more of those magically-capped (I wish it can be truly capped!) or roughly-estimated-number meals written down these days compare to couple months ago. On the other hand, I'm also still doing the Bikram Yoga classes and now-22-flight-stairs walk. I guess that's what keeping me from going downhill too quick...

Anyhow - I've decided to get back on track (both controlling my output and input!)! Armed with the above post folded in my wallet to remind me, I'm going to get my determination back and focus on do it right this time. I'm going to reach my goal (hopefully before my birthday)! Yay! :)

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