Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The World is a Beautiful Place

I got a call this morning that keeps me smiling for at least half an hour.

Yesterday I went to Office Works to get some important and sensitive paperwork faxed through to Pipi. The fax went through but when I checked with her, she said she hasn't received them. A glimpse at the fax verification slip from the Office Works person told me that the fax was sent through without the International dialing code. Hence, it must have been sent to a place within Australia. (Heck - what are the odds of that number being a fax number?)

Panicking, I went back to Office Works and talked to the lady. She tried to talk me out of the possibility of the fax not going overseas. I called similar number, i.e. Indonesian country code + Jakarta Area Code and my home number, and proved that it rang through to an Australian accent person talking. Grrrrrrrrr!!!! The lady in Office Works then agrees to try and fax it though again, this time with International dialing code. But for some weird reason, their fax machine wouldn't co-operate now. In the end, they refunded my money and I planned to scan and email it to Pipi instead. (I can't believe I chose not to do that in the first place to save me some time and hassle!!!)

Bleh! Then, I was worried for the next 3 hours about where did the fax go. Well, until I talked to Shanon and decided that there is nothing I can do and we'll just have to be wary of what might happen and hope nothing bad happen. (Note to self: Stop reading too much about stolen identity!)

Lesson number 1: Dialing Indonesian country code + Jakarta Area code + Jakarta Pluit phone number actually rings through to somewhere in Australia!

Lesson number 2: When asking for help from someone to fax a sensitive document, confirm and reconfirm the number pressed.

Back to the call I received this morning. It was from this soft spoken lady, calling from Hobart. She explained to me that she went into work and saw my fax and that she just wanted to tell me it hasn't gone through to the right place so that it won't ruined my wedding and all (the document has details about that). She also added that she will shred the document.

*Big breathe* Fiuhhhhh.... What a relief!

I hope I did express my gratitude well enough for her to realise what a big relief she has given me. I tried my best (with my just-wake-up voice)!!! :)))

Lesson number 3: Despite everything, this world that I'm living in, still has a lot of nice people around.

Thanks again, my anonymous very thoughtful lady. You've made my day!

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