Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ibuki House in East Bentleigh

Suddenly remembered about the yummy Japanese dinner I had with the girls sometime last year. It was superb. A must try, especially for Sashimi lovers like me! :) I'll look for pictures of the food at home and make sure I upload them. (Cause I know the picture will say it all!)

For now, check out some of the posts/pictures I've found through Google:
* Sushi/Sashimi Platter on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
* Glam-o-holic: Oh Summer, where art thou?
* dtraCorp - ibuki, yum, yum

Can't wait to go back there!!! :) Hopefully SOON!

Ibuki House
168 East Boundary Road,
East Bentleigh, VIC
Ph: (613) 9579 1744
M: 61417593885


Anonymous said...

Heya, came across this when I googled Ibuki. Have you had a chance to try out Ibuki yet?? I'm looking for a sushi/sashimi place, maybe somewhere that does omakase

piyo-chan said...

Heya :) I've actually been there once. It was fabulous.. The food is super scrumptious. Still looking for an opportunity to go back there. :) hihi

piyo-chan said...

Check out the photos I posted here... Ibuki House: Pictures

Anonymous said...

thanks for the pics! Two things...I cant believe you didnt finish the sashimi! I would have died trying, I'm sure you nearly did too.

We're deciding between Ibuki, Shira Nui, Kenzan and Jarmon for a good sashimi night out.

Your pics sure are much was it? hard to get a booking?

piyo-chan said...

Oh believe me I tried! I love my money so I tried extra hard - but it was just impossible to finish alone. :)

If you have a big group (about 10), I'd definitely recommend going to Ibuki House. The food is superb. Very private. Comfy. And again - the food is superb. Quantity and quality wise. Seriously.

The price at the time we went was $550 a table, shared between 11 people it was $50 a head. I am easily convinced to pay the same amount for the food value that we get last time.

I have tried both Shira Nui and Kenzan. They are equally good, though in different ways. Kenzan is not as personal and as homey as Shira Nui but location wise, Kenzan is great. Food were good in both restaurants, though I have to admit, I haven't tried the omakase at Shira Nui which was the recommended option.
Note: Portion wise, none of the two restaurants compare to the value you get at Ibuki House. (Again - provided you have the big group).

Ibuki House only open on weekends though and they only have one sitting of two (or maybe three) massive tables each day. So yes, booking might not be easy. Shira Nui wasn't easy to book too for me. ;)

I've walked past Jamon sushi a few times (it's near my place) - looks very tempting. :) Aka Tombo in Prahran is really good too.

I say - try them all... :) hihihi