Monday, August 04, 2008

Ignorance is NOT bliss!

Check out these interesting articles, "Ignorance is NOT bliss!" posted by Elaine Murphy and "Shocking Calorie Revelations" posted by Dana Lilienthal, both @ Nutrition Data blog.

This is totally what I've been trying to say all along!!! Ever since I embarked on the counting calorie to lose weight journey, I've learn to realise that ignorance is anything but bliss! It was the root cause of my frustration of not understanding the reason for my constant weight issue!

I sincerely hope more and more places will enforce the rule of having the calorie information next to the price in restaurant menu. It is after all a price we have to pay, though not with money but with our health (which is FAR more important and not replaceable!!) and stress (for people who are not happy with their current figure).

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