Thursday, August 21, 2008

For Better or Purse

As per my plan when I wrote this post, "Ex-Loved Clothes (Melbourne)", in July, I attended the For Better or Purse event for the first time today. It was held at All of the Above in Fitzroy.

The concept of the event was pretty interesting. We come in with the clothes that we no longer want (but still in great condition) and then we are given exchange tokens based on the labels. Then, we can use those tokens to get something else that someone else had brought. It felt a little risky (as in not enough attendants, hence not much options) to me in the beginning, but I thought $10 a head was pretty reasonable for a fun night with Lia (though unfortunately, she couldn't make it this time. Li, my deepest condolences on the loss of your grandpa.).

It wasn't as crowded as I expected it to be. But, there was enough people and enough clothes to go through considering that it was raining and cold outside. Plus, I got to try Sugadeaux Cupcakes' Chai Latte mini cupcake! It was very YUMM (with the cute pink flower)! Picture below..Psst... check out their Flickr photo set here.

I brought in 9 piece of clothing, earned 24 tokens from that (I know it says maximum of 8, but Carla was pretty relaxed about it all which was great :D). I saw a girl tried on my bright red dress which I loved but thought it makes me look a little on the chubby side. It looks great on her! I went home with a nice slimline dark brown jacket and a Lee relaxed sweater. Plus, I still have remaining tokens which I can use the next time I go to this event. I'm really looking forward to the October one! :)

The only tips I have is to not go alone. It feels pretty daunting when you are standing around waiting for the browsing clothes time to start, or even when you are queuing for the change room and others are in groups talking to one another. I had to (yeah - right!) eat two cupcakes and gulped down my half glass of champagne to stop myself from leaving!

I'm tempted to try out another similar event, Swap My Style. Their next event in Melbourne is on the 24th September in the Long Room (details here). But, I find that this one is a little on the expensive side ($30) to go without expectation.

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I have been to a swap my style event and it was fantastic. there are a few key differences, and I guess that id why the ticket value is $30. You recieve a complimentry glass of bubbly, canapes and access to get your nails, hair and makeup done PLUS swap clothes.....very high end and always over 200 stylish women