Friday, September 26, 2008

Class Cupcake

As part of my birthday present bundle, I get to go to Class Cupcake, a cupcake decorating class. Lots of fun and I've definitely learned a thing or two cool things about the available tools.

These are the ones that I made... (some which I'm extremely embarrassed of, and some which I quite like :D)

Here's my favorite ones of Vida's creations during her demonstration...One day, mine would also look like this... I know it! I have faith in myself! =)

I'm not very proud of the pictures, I think I could have done much better shots. My excuse? The environment and rushing wasn't really made for awesome photo taking experience...

Oh well, that's just means that I'll have to make more cupcakes at home and decorate them for picture taking purposes. Perhaps me and my sis can do it for one of our 'sis nite in' session! :) Oh yeah, that reminds me, check out her decorating results, here! I really like her fish and pig ones. Super cute! :)

PS: But, Yong, Lek, thanks ya!!! =))) Loved the experience!

PS2: Look at this cute cupcake book!!! Hello, Cupcake!: Irresistibly Playful Creations Anyone Can Make: Alan Richardson, Karen Tack: Books. Crazy cute!!!!! Here's the blog to go with the book!

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