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No Calorie Food and Melbourne Food Spots

A few days ago, I saw this post in Nutrition Data blog, "No Calorie Rule". Intrigued by the title, I read on to discover it's talking about another post, "The Secret Guide to Making Any Food Calorie-Free", from Diet Blog, which makes me smile big time.

I have relaxed down a bit lately, in terms of counting calories. I'm still counting but not accurate to the single digit number anymore. Then, there is the occasional "no calorie rule" event too, which is pretty naughty of me. Not so much no calorie, but more I capped the calorie at certain number and just eat without thinking. Definitely have to avoid it, as I do want to reach my goal. :) So, seeing that I do need to consciously control the amount of food I'm taking into my body (cause my internal sufficient-food-intake monitor is broken), I'm trying to channel my eye (through my camera) instead of my mouth towards to the food. I'm loving it! Truly one fun way to consume food (albeit not literally) without the calorie. :P

I love food. All sorts of food. Japanese, Mexican, Western, Indian, Hawker food, anything, you name it, I will eat it. Greens, Seafood, Chicken, Pork, Lamb, Beef, etc. Creamy, salty, sweet, greasy, watery, everything! Well, nearly everything... I don't eat melons (strangely except for watermelons which is one of my favorite fruit). :P I have to admit though my recent realisation of the limit to the amount that one should consume, actually makes food tastes better for me.

My most recent lust is Indonesian food. Prior to that, I was alternating between wanting Mexican and Indian food.

Since my last post, "a chatterbox's pensieve: Food Lists: Melbourne, Brunch, Cafes, Sydney", I've found a few more Melbourne food jewels.
* Mizu - 95 Greville St. Prahran, VIC 3181. Ph: (03) 9510 2500. (Japanese - the thought of its Gyoza is mouth watering with very delicate skins!)
* Mexicali Rose - 103 Swan St. Richmond 3121 VIC. Ph: (03) 9429 5550. (Mexican - Make sure you try the Buffalo Wings!!!)
* Big Mouth, Floor 1, 201 Barkly St, St Kilda, VIC 3182. Ph: (03) 9534 4611. (Yummy dips and all the menu items sounds superb!!!)
* Winterhaven, Falls Creek. Ph: (03) 5758 3888. (Best warm just-out-of-oven bread ever!)
* Sofia Pizza Restaurant, 857 Burke Rd, Camberwell, VIC 3124. Ph: (03) 9882 1142. (Italian - Very good value. Careful with ordering food, the entree pasta is enough to be shared between two, especially if you want the yummy massive gelato.)
* Red Pepper & Green Pepper - 14 & 18 Bourke Street. Melbourne, VIC 3000. Tel: 03 9654 5714, Tel: 03 9662 2963. (Indian - Good value, yummy, the right size meal for lunch! They are both own by the same people apparently. I don't really understand why they are build so close to each other, but both are definitely worth trying. The Dahl from Red Pepper is yummy and the Butter Chicken from Green Pepper is superb.)
* La Camera 446 Chapel Street. South Yarra VIC 3141. Tel: +61 3 9827 8531. (Italian cuisine - everything's yummy, but next time I go, I'll definitely order something with mashed potato...)
* Rich Maha Shop 9, 343 Little Collins St,
Melbourne 3000. Ph: 9670 8998. (Indian, Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Tandoori, Singaporean, Vegetarian - Call it whatever you want. This is my best find so far. Great value meals - big portion, very yummy food. Plus, the original tasting curries are just mmmmmmmmm.... especially for my cravings of Indonesian spicy food. Simply perfect.)

The newest additions to my list of must-try-restaurant are as follows:
* Hako 310 Flinders Lane, Melbourne. (03) 9620 1881.
* Warung Agus - A taste of Bali in West Melbourne!
* Tutto Benne Mid Level Southgate, Melbourne Vic 3006 Australia. Tel + 61 3 9696 3334. (Mmm. Blue Swimmer Crab Risotto?)
* Sichuan Dining Room 723 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn. Ph: (03) 9818 8758.
* Lawson Grove Shop 1 Lawson Grove, South Yarra. Ph: (03) 9866 3640.

GTG - *My stomach is growling...*

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Updated on 19th September 2008:
Another recent good restaurant find is The Rasoi on Bridge Rd, Richmond. Find out more about it here.

Updated on 15th October 2008:
Tried out Sichuan Dining Room for my birthday dinner with family - it was good. The service is excellent for a Chinese restaurant in Melbourne, and the food was pretty good. Especially the Deep Fried Corn in Duck Yolk!
Also tried out Lawson Grove, see a chatterbox's pensieve: Lawson Grove: One of Melbourne's Many Hidden Treasures.

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