Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sugar Inc.

In my quest of food blogs (or sites - hmmm what are the actual correct name for them anyway??? A blog? Or a site?), I come across yumsugar | To die for. - Food, Drink, & Entertaining. There was an instant attraction to the simple content and cutesie look/feel of the page. As I scroll down, I found a bunch of other sugars sites (there are 17 of them so far to be precise). It raised my curiosity, especially after I bumped into their heart warming IDoSugar | Meant to be. - Weddings site.

They are products of Sugar Inc., based in San Francisco, who has the following mission statement...
"Our vision is to be the definitive online media company for trendsetting, passionate women ages 18-44"
Pretty cool huh? :) Find out more about the team at their About Us Page.

I like them! :)

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