Monday, September 01, 2008

I Wanna Cook More!

It's September!!! My favorite month! Why? Well, it's Spring time in Melbourne. It's two months away from the first public holiday after a drought! It's the month of my birthday. :P

Tempted and armed with these new-found food blogs / sites:
* La Mia Cucina
* Culinary Concoctions by Peabody
* Food Lover's Journey
* dinner for one: isn't the romanesco the most beautiful vegetable in all the land? - It definitely has a very intriguing look!!!
* Quick and Easy - MyRecipes
* What did you eat
* La Tartine Gourmande
* Nourish Me (Blogger) || Nourish Me (TypePad)
* Tartelette
* Cook & Eat » Home
* Married ...with Dinner
* Candid Cuisine
* Cook (almost) Anything at Least Once
* Domestic Diva in Training
* Smell & Taste are my memory
* The Cooking Monster!

And, for the people at Sunday Nite Dinner, please please please contact me if you need anyone to taste your food! :P The food photos are just sooooooooooooooooooo glossy and yummmyyyy!

Aaaaaaaaaa!!! I want to do just that.

Cook, take pictures of my Oh-So-Pretty-Looking Yummy-Tasting meal, and then blog about them...

The problems?
First of all, calories!
Secondly, most of the time (if not all), the meal that I cook struggle to pass as yummy-tasting, let alone oh-so-pretty-looking. :P
Plus, my impatience and hunger cause me to have the tendency to munch through food before I remember to take pictures!
Lastly, blogging about neither so yummy-tasting, nor oh-so-pretty-looking food isn't as fun!

But - no worries - I will fight through these problems and come out as a winner! One new recipe every week. Thursday cooking night! :)

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