Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hungry Jack's Quad Stack Burger

-- Image taken from Dude, where’s my schnitzel? » Mmmmm….calorific

The newly offered Hungry Jack's Quad Stack Burger would sound like one of the best bargain for the old me at $5.95! That's for a burger, with four patties, four slices of cheese, two rashers of bacon, and barbecue sauce! Hang on a sec, where is my lettuce? Well - without the greens, I have to say I'm not that tempted.

Yay, Bacon Deluxe remains my favorite. :) About a month ago, I was craving the taste of Hungry Jack's Bacon Deluxe, I organise my food intake for a day to allow for it. How much calorie can one burger have really? Well, one Bacon Deluxe (in Australia) is stated to have 701 calories, i.e. about half of my current planned daily calorie intake. That's before the onion rings or french fries!

So, it's no wonder that when I saw the poster of that Quad Stack Burger at Hungry Jack's, the first thing that pops in mind was, "Hmmm... I wonder how much calorie it has?". I didn't have to Google hard for it. It was discussed in quite a few sites, e.g. Taste.com.au, Herald Sun, The Age, Sky News, and people's blogs.

Well, it has contains a massive 1080.28 calories (4520 kj)!

That pretty much means that if I want to eat that, I basically have to cut them into three and have them as breakfast, lunch and dinner, with some fruits and salads as snacks. *LOL*


Anonymous said...

I had one for lunch today (by itself, not as a meal) and I thought it was great. Didn't look as bad as in the picture that up lol. It was really good - probably won't be my last one, either!

'Lil Cookie said...


cutting ur burger for 3 meals ya! hahahaha

piyo-chan said...

anonymous - lol, hope you savour it properly :) and i hope u're a guy too :P hahaha
pipi - yup biar ga gendut...