Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rapeseed Oil? and Cheddar Cheese...

Yes - rapeseed oil! It is not a typo for grapeseed oil.

The recipe that I decided to try last Sunday, Chef Jeenas food recipes: Restaurant Style Chicken Curry Recipe called for Rapeseed Oil as part of the ingredients list. I went to a few shops in the Prahran Market; they all corrected me with suggestion of "grapeseed oil?" instead. Luckily - they didn't have any in stock - so I didn't buy any.

I came home, did a little bit of Googleing and found out through Wikipedia (of course!) that the famous rapeseed oil, is another name for canola oil!!! Geez - what's with this different names for ingredients between countries. First, cilantro (i.e. coriander), now canola oil.

Anyway - happy to learn something new. :) Thought I'd share the information.

On another note, (still food though), my mind has been thinking about this special grated cheddar cheese cake that we used to buy in Jakarta. It looks like this...
(Image credit: About Lala ! - Bolu Keju.)

I'll see if I can squeeze in some time to make this. I'm really craving the taste of that grated Kraft (yes, Kraft! :P) cheddar cheese combined with the sweetness of the caster sugar sprinkles in between.

I could also do with baked grated cheddar cheese pasta of some sort.. I can't find the right recipe though. Actually - I just crave the creamy taste of that cute small swirls of cheddar cheese. Yummmmm... :)


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