Monday, September 15, 2008

Lawson Grove: One of Melbourne's Many Hidden Treasures

Last Sunday, I went and try out the brunch at "Lawson Grove Shop - Restaurant Reviews - Epicure - Entertainment -". One kewl place with yummy food indeed!

The place has this vibrant and special (hidden treasure) feel to it, but it is pretty difficult to capture in picture (I tried - to no avail). So instead, I'll just post the pictures of their delicious food.

Featuring: 50-cents Mini Ginger Bread Man.
Shanon's fork excitedly digging into the Eggs Florentine with extra Mushroom
on the side.
My unique cassoulet dish, Two eggs on top of baked beans salsa with Chorizo, double baked! With crispy toasts on the side. Exquisite!
One last look before I leave...

For more pictures of Ginger Bread Man in Action, check out my Flickr page.

PS: One and a half day later, the ginger bread man is still very much alive (in one piece too) - surprising really, considering this strong yummy sweet cinnamon smell that it exudes tempt me to gobble him up. But, his cute looks trumps cinnamon. :P

Update on 17th September 2008:
Lawson Grove is located on 1 Lawson Grove, South Yarra. (LOL - not so useful to know the address is it?) Well, Lawson Grove is off Caroline St, towards the other end of it though, nearer to the Yarra River.

PS2: I ate the mini ginger bread man... =( Silly me.


Louisa said...

ah, i wanna go, it looks like a flinders lane-ish type of place (or did u mention the location in your entry lol). I want gingerbread man :)

piyo-chan said...

LOL :D let me know when you wanna go Louisa, and I'll take you there :) we'll have a nice yummy brunch session hihihi :P
the ginger bread man is super cute! :) hihihi
i'll update the post with address...