Monday, September 15, 2008

My Perfect Day...

Inspired by "5 Ways to Get Your Spark Back | Dumb Little Man" post - Steve Errey.

... starts with me waking up feeling fresh and excited. Then I brush my teeth, wash my face and I get change to go out. I'll grab my backpack (which has been packed properly the night before with stuffs for Yoga), dash out the door to be greeted by a bright soft sunshine with nice breeze and walk down to my Bikram Yoga class. When I get there, I'll have enough time to lie down for 5-10 minutes before the class started and then I'll do a complete and rewarding practice session, finish with another lie down - relaxing before showering. Then, I'll walk home and have Uncle Toby's creamy honey oatmeal for breakfast, accompanied with a cup of tea with one packet of Equal.

Now, firm and refresh, I'm ready to face my day. On this perfect day of mine, Shanon has arranged a short trip to the park or the beach for a picnic. Once we get there, we'll have a short stroll while chattering and enjoying the peaceful scenery. Then I'll unpack my camera and starts shooting away, while Shanon skimming through his paper. Not long after, we unpack out scrumptious and prettily prepared food, which I'll then take pictures of as well. After fulfilling our hunger, we'll take another short stroll, only to find this really cosy li'l book shop which also sells mini red velvet cupcake and creamy hot chocolate with very small amount of calorie. Of course we have to stop by and enjoy them! We hang around and read a few books while enjoying our snacks. We then walk back home with a satisfied but not too full belly. Just comfortable.

I will then do a bit of work on sorting the pictures, when I find this really good inspiring post to talk about which goes well with these really nice pictures that I just took today.

Next, I'll go down to the market, find some really cheap and fresh quality ingredients to cook dinner with. On the way back, I found this unique boutique I've never seen before and I bought a very pretty and flattering sundress for next to nothing. There is this person who was giving out fresh creamy white and soft pink roses on the way home. Then, there is this really really good masseuse who's giving out free awesome hour long massage with reflexology (let's pretend it's not a scam - it's MY perfect day after all!). I arrive in my sparkling and neat home with no errands to run, unpack my groceries and then relax on the couch with this good book that I just borrowed from the library.

Feeling all fresh and relax, I started to prepare dinner for us. We had a lovely meal while catching up with my siblings on fun and interesting things that are happening amongst us. We all clean up together and then have a few bites of luscious cakes for dessert. Then, we'll say our goodbyes and I'll cuddled up on the couch with Shanon to watch a DVD (surely a short sweet romantic comedy :P) before going to bed...

Mmmm... What a day... I wish everyday is like this. :D Too much to ask for I guess, considering that if everyday is like this, how am I going to eat?

Updated on 16th September 2008:
Come to think of it, I'm missing one very essential part of a perfect day in this story. Productivity. Sure, I've blogged a little and it does generally gives me a sense of accomplishment, but I think I want something more than that. I'm still working out what it is I want to do though. I'm interested in doing nursing, photography, Interior Design, blogging full time, game programming, or even baking perhaps? (Nope, not baking, I don't think I have the patience and meticulousness!) For now, I just want my perfect day to include an hour or two of me learning something new, growing. :) Perhaps before the visit to the market.

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