Thursday, September 04, 2008

My Baking Days vs Healthy Eating

On Monday, I went home instead of doing my Bikram Yoga class. I couldn't resist the urge to try baking with the brownies recipe from Sunday Nite Dinner. Mine turns out like this...
Yummy! But I'm sure not as good as their original one. I wasn't particularly accurate. :P Will try again later.

On Tuesday, the baking mode continues... Baked a banana bread with my sister using this recipe, Banana Bread Recipe - This is how it turns out.. Also yummy! Quite proud of it! :D

On Wednesday, I found this food photography blog... Still Life With - Food Photography Blog - I like it! :D

Now, after all that scrumptious feast, let's talk about eating healthy... I'm a little annoyed. Do I have the right to be? Well, you tell me.

I've been eating salads at work for lunch. This seems to have attracted quite a bit of attention. It's weird. What is so weird with eating salads? I don't comment on their choice of food, why should they have such a strong opinion on mine? One comment comes after another (from different people), it kinda makes me feel like eating junk food to prove to them that I'm one of them. Or perhaps I'm trying to use them as an excuse? Add to that, I'm not exactly motivated to eat as healthy as I was too. Well, this has been on my mind for a little bit the past few weeks. I'm trying hard to get back my motivation and stick with my new found healthy habit.

After a while, I realised that it is all in me. It is not my fault that my brain doesn't register the I-have-had-enough-food signal as efficient as other people. It is also not my fault that I need to utilise calorie information to know when to stop eating. At the same time, I can't expect others who hasn't been through this to understand. They have never had to do it. It might seem ridiculous to them that I have to do all of this (e.g. eating salads to ensure low calorie intake while getting the munching satisfaction) just to get to be in my normal weight.

I'm sure that the first people who wore glasses to help their vision would have been teased. But that didn't stop them from wearing glasses cause it's clear to them that it's helping them. Nor should I stop doing this calorie count cause I know this is good for me. I'm not hurting anyone by doing so anyway. It's up to them to comment, just as it is up to me to ignore the comments. :)

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